We have shared the text of the letter from Andrew Bethall so that it can be translated online for parents: 

Dear Parents/Carers,

 You will have received a letter from the local authority consulting you on the school’s future. I am sorry that this went out without my being able to add my views on this matter.

 As I explained in my last letter, when a school is judged inadequate there is always a lot of consideration given to how best to secure the school’s future. The government is very keen to turn inadequate schools into academies but that requires an academy trust to take an interest. So far there has been no interest from any academy trusts.

 However, as you will see from the council’s letter, there is a real issue around the question of pupil numbers in our part of the borough and this has meant that Haringey have put out a consultation on what is best for our school. The fact that Tiverton School is so close and is also short of pupils has meant that there is now serious consideration of how to combine the schools in some way.

 As you will see from the letter, the current suggestion is that the schools should be amalgamated. This is not an ideal solution for those of us who would like to build on the excellent work of Rob Leach and Rehana Ali in putting the school back on track and providing a greatly improved educational experience for your children.

 I can assure you that I have been closely involved in discussions with the local authority and have done my very best to secure a positive future for the school. Nevertheless, having considered all the options, I am now persuaded that the amalgamation route is the best solution under the circumstances. Tiverton is a good school with an ethos that matches ours. I have already begun discussions with Resham Mirza, the head teacher and I am convinced that we can work together with her and her staff to create an arrangement that benefits us all. Each school will be able to combine forces to provide the very best education both in terms of teachers and resources.

 I appreciate that many of you will want to argue the case for retaining the school as it is, and I will of course listen carefully to your views and make sure that they are represented when the final decision is made. I can also assure you that I shall be actively engaged in this process and should the amalgamation proceed, I will be making absolutely sure that the very best interests of our staff and your children are reflected in the final arrangements.

 If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me via the school office with your contact details and I shall do my very best to respond.

 Yours sincerely,

 Andrew Bethell

Interim Chair of Governors