Curriculum Intent

We are in the process of developing a broad and balanced curriculum. In the short time available we aim provide our children with a firm foundation in both the core subjects and the foundation subjects. All of this work will reflect the following principles:


  • Our curriculum will recognise and attach value to the heritage and experiences of our diverse school community and locality. At the same time, it is equally important that it reflects to our learners the importance of seeing themselves as citizens of the wider world.


  • Our curriculum will aim to incorporate opportunities to teach learners how to challenge their own, and others, thinking and endeavors to expose them to new ideas and possibilities.


  • We want the experiences our curriculum provides to be inspiring, broad and balanced whilst ensuring that fundamental skills are securely acquired. We attach high importance to teaching reading through high quality children’s literature, so that our learners are able to access other learning and so that a real pleasure in reading and writing is fostered. Our curriculum also reflects the importance of fluency in Mathematics and how Mathematics is evident and used in so many aspects of our everyday lives.


  • In our curriculum design we will ensure that the purpose and context for learning is clear and understood by learners and we have thought carefully about the core books, key questions and big ideas that drive it and which help to transform abstract ideas into more concrete learning opportunities. .


  • Our curriculum will be underpinned by shared British Values that are consistent with our school community’s core values and a strong commitment to developing a life-long love of learning amongst all learners – both adult and children.


  • We are committed to working in partnership with Parents and Carers as children’s first educators in order to build trusting relationships, to learn from them and to support them in working with us so that we ensure our children achieve the high aspirations we all share for them.


  • We want our learners to experience the safety and security that enables good learning, and we want the curriculum to be inclusive, responsive and reflective of learning needs. As such there is a strong focus on language development and making sure that the curriculum provides contexts that are inspiring, meaningful and motivating.


  • We want the learning experience for every child to be an aspirational and positive one where challenges are approached with excitement because learners believe they can achieve.