Letter from Education Services

We have shared the text of the letter from Education Services so that it can be translated online for parents: 


Dear Parent/Carer,
The future of Stamford Hill Primary School
I am writing to you as your child currently attends Stamford Hill Primary School. The Council is
proposing to carry out a public consultation to gather views on the future of Stamford Hill Primary
School and, subject to Cabinet approval on 12 March 2019 to proceed to consultation,
will be consulting on possible options in March and April 2019.
Falling local school rolls
We have been giving considerable thought to the number of local school places in and around
Stamford Hill Primary School. You may be aware that there has been a decline in pupils on roll at
Stamford Hill and several other local schools and we do not anticipate any increasing demand for
school places in this area for a number of years. The table below shows our school roll projections for
Reception places locally between 2019 and 2026. All future years show a projected surplus of
between 1 to 2 forms of entry (up to 60 pupils).

Surplus rolls at too high a level can affect the viability and sustainability of a school. Falling rolls present
financial difficulties for schools, particularly in smaller schools such as Stamford Hill where it is
increasingly difficult to fund staffing and other resources if all classes are not full.
Options on the future of Stamford Hill
Based on the current numbers on roll and the above projections (showing a declining demand for
local school places) we believe that Stamford Hill School will not be able to provide a high-quality
education going forward and so we are considering alternatives and asking for your opinion. As you
know Tiverton Primary School is very close to Stamford Hill Primary and is a thriving school which
also has some spare capacity. We want to consider ways in which the two schools can be brought
together to provide a long-term solution to the declining local demand for school places.
We are considering two options to achieve this. The first is whether to federate the two schools - a
federation is where two or more maintained schools come together under one governing body. The
second option is an amalgamation with Tiverton Primary School. Unlike federation, where schools
remain as separate organisations, amalgamation creates a single school, even when this operates
from more than one site.
Please be assured that no decision has been made at this stage and if any changes to your school
were agreed by Cabinet then we would also set out options to ensure the continued high-quality
education of your children. I also want to reassure you that the Council remains firmly committed to
ensuring that all pupils at Stamford Hill Primary continue, uninterrupted, to receiving an excellent
education that supports them in reaching their full potential. We have appointed a very strong interim
Headteacher to your school, Robert Leach, who I am sure you will have already met and who is
leading on ensuring that the teaching and learning at your school is of the very highest quality. He is
very ably supported by a Chair of Governors, Andrew Bethell, who shares the Council and
vision and ambition for every pupil at Stamford Hill.

Consultation how to respond
We are very keen to hear your thoughts about the future of Stamford Hill Primary and, subject to
Cabinet approval, we will be consulting you on possible options in March and April 2019. The
consultation will give you the opportunity to express your views in writing, via a questionnaire both
electronically and via a hard copy, - by email and post. A frequently asked questions (FAQs) will
accompany the consultation and provide you with lots of information and there will also be a public
meeting for you to hear information and give your views.
The Council wants to support you through this process, and we will write to you again with further
information on Cabinet decision on whether or not the public consultation will happen. I
understand that this letter may be worrying for you but please be assured that we are here to
support you and listen to your views. Any future decisions will be made in the best interest of your
child and their education. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any queries at this time. If
you would like us to arrange for an interpreter, to interpret this letter for you, either in person or over
the phone then please email us at schooladmissions@haringey.gov.uk or call us at 0208 489 1000.